Name of Boat: Harmony JB LK969


Skipper/Owner: Donald N MacLean


Area of Fishing/Catch: Throughout the year, Harmony JB fishes predominantly for langoustine in the waters of The Minch. During the summer months she also fishes for lobster off the west coast of Harris, running the shores from Northton and upwards to the island of Taransay (made famous by the BBC documentary 'Castaway' ).  Harmony has also featured in the BBC documentary 'Coast.'


 Originally registered in Lerwick Harmony has fished out of Leverburgh for the past six years under the helm of owner Donald MacLean.  After leaving school and a brief spell in London, Donald returned home and has fished the waters of Harris ever since Currently, he is one of the longest serving fishermen in the area. Donald learnt his trade from the fishermen of Strond and Berneray before deciding to go it alone and starting out with his brother Alan, also a fisherman.


Skippers Favourite Fish Dish: A hot bowl of Seafood Chowder


JB LK969



BRD 658

Name of Boat: ISA BRD 658


Skipper/Owner: Stewart MacLean (Part owner of Seas the Catch)


Area of Fishing/Catch: In the winter months, ISA fishes predominantly for velvet crab in the treacherous shallow waters of the Sound of Harris. During the summer she also fishes for lobster throughout the Sound of Harris. The ISA is crewed by Stewart and Allan MacLean. While Allan has fished his whole life and knows the Velvet Crab waters of the Sound of Harris as well as anyone, the last few years have seen an injection of fresh blood and youth into the crew when he was joined by his son, Stewart.  Allan has fished his whole life and knows the velvet crab waters of the Sound of Harris as well as anyone and is now passing his knowledge onto the next generation.


Skippers Favourite Fish Dish: Fresh Crab Meat Sandwiches with a Side of Salad.


Name of Boat: Elizmar SY109


Skipper/Owner: Neil MacLean (Part Owner of Seas the Catch)


Area of Fishing/Catch: Elizmar predominantly fishes in and around the waters of the Sound of Harris for velvet crab in the winter months. She moves  into the waters around the coastline of the east and west side of Harris in the summer months for lobster.  The Elizmar originally came to Harris as a new vessel in the early nineties (then named Dileas). However, in later years she had been left ashore and required a full refurbishment.  She caught the eye of Neil who, along with the help of his friend Hamish, managed to fully restore her.  Neil was brought up in the fishing industry and from a young age could be found at sea learning the ropes with his father, Donald.


Skippers Favourite Fish Dish: Stir Fry Langoustines in White Wine Sauce





SY 549

Name of Boat: Valhalla SY 549


Skipper/Owner: Donald MacLennan


Area of Fishing/Catch: From October through to early summer Valhalla fishes for langoustine in the waters of the Minch between Harris and Skye.  Lobster is targeted mainly in the summer months on the west side of Harris.  Throughout the year, Valhalla also fishes for brown crab. However, as with the rest of the vessels in the 'Seas the Catch' pool, fishing varies according to the seasonal availability of the species, as is the case for most shellfish species.  Valhalla is run by ' Sound of Harris Shellfish', a husband and wife partnership between Donald and his wife, Catriona, who hails from Leverburgh and who also comes from a fishing family.  Before embarking on a career in the fishing industry, Donald sailed the high seas as an engineer in the Merchant Navy. Valhalla employ two local full-time crew members.


Skippers Favourite Fish Dish:  Seafood, Saffron and Chorizo Risotto